Seems like Suri Cruise is probably not following


Seems like Suri Cruise is probably not following in Dan Cruise’s Scientology actions.

Ourite! News has learned in which Katie Holmes, who seem to recently settled the girl divorce with Cruise and also reportedly attained primary custody with the 6-year-old, includes enrolled Suri inside Manhattan’s prestigious Convent with the Sacred Heart education.

Meaning-come school time frame, Suri’s got to head to Catholic mass every Thursday night, ya’ll!

Design if participating in Catholic church isn’t enough of your change for Suri, the girl’s enrollment also marks her first-time at an all-girls university, when she was earlier homeschooled.

A $38, 000-a-year Sacred Heart offers past students including Girl Gaga, Jordana Brewster, Nicky Hilton, Caroline Kennedy and a lot more.

Hopefully you like the kid will fit right in-and help make the uniform all her very own while she’s at that.

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