Colored Wedding – Becoming A Trend In 2008


Would you wear a red wedding dress? Red in the past has been associated to the upper class and luxurious folks but was transformed during Victorian fashion era as a taboo. A white dress since the Victorian fashion era has symbolized virginity. Let’s be honest, as we know that is not really true in practice. Almost all brides opted for white or a shade of white in America. The use of the white wedding dress continued in popularity, but for the most part, lost much of its symbolic meaning. What would it take for a bride to choose a different color dress for her special day?
There are other color options and I wonder how many would end up picking red. Does your dream dress have red in it? Will you go with tradition set in the last two centuries? Brides in Europe today have adopted the red trend. I hope red wedding dresses are not a fad and will stand the test of time in photos. I have looked back at old celebrity wedding photos wearing exotic wedding dresses and years later, they still look amazing. Your wedding is a fantasy and why not explore other color options to make it the fantasy it is?
A red wedding dress may be the perfect choice for certain holidays such as Christmas day, Valentine’s Day, or colorful holidays. You will look like the lustrous beauty that you are. You will look like a timeless beautiful bride in your photos! Choosing to wear a red dress essentially shows just how confident you are in being the center of attention. If you want to balance elegance and sexy, consider wearing a white dress with red accents.
I believe these dresses will be the norm over time. They will survive the test of time and you will look back in your photos 20 years from now and show your daughter how you dared to do bold red. For the time being, choosing to go with the color can be difficult because you may get some opposition from your family, religion, and maybe even your friends. Wearing red is all about the personality of the bride. Pick a red dress if you truly believe it represents who you are. Each and every time a bride chooses red; the word about your wedding will get out very rapidly. The color is for the woman that wants to live on the edge and be very trendy.


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