10 Wedding Dress Features That Daringly Depart From Convention


There are many brides who thrive on traditional weddings. This type of bride is all about formal invitations, stylish bridal portraits, and special first dance songs. She yearns to sachet down the church aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” while hundreds of her friends and family members gaze upon the beauty of her classic wedding dress.
And then there is the other kind of bride. The free-thinking, non-conforming lady. The woman who doesn’t follow convention for convention’s sake. The one who has always marched to the beat of her own drum.
It is this independently-minded lady who will likely opt to stroll down the aisle in a wedding dress that dariygly departs from all convention.
If this woman is you, here are 10 ideas about wedding dress features that you may want to consider for your upcoming nuptials:
One Shoulder Ball Gowns
There are plenty of strappy and strapless wedding dresses out there, but you rarely see any single-strap styles. Platinum offers a dress with a strap that stretches over the left shoulder. The strap attaches at the hand draped bodice with an eye-catching jeweled brooch.
Above-the-knee Hemlines
If your goal is to make all of your female wedding guests flush and your male guests gawk, just show off your legs with an above-the-knee skirt. The Strapless Silk Radzimir Dress has a hem that stops about two inches short of the knee. The tulip skirt shows off numerous Venice Lace floral appliqués which nicely complement the corset seamed bodice.
This is even more daring than a short hemline dress! Melissa Sweet’s Jake style incorporates a taffeta ¾ sleeve jacket with a mid-thigh, “mini-skirt” hemline. The outfit boasts a crew neckline and a checkered pattern which is heavily embroidered.
Lavender Colored
Almost every wedding dress ever made is white, off-white, eggshell, or some other shade of the white-hued family. But Platinum offers a Silk Satin Fit to Flare Strapless Gown which is available in lavender. This dress also comes with a full-pleated train and a jewel-encrusted hip and bust line.
Cotton Lace Overlay
While most dresses are basic silk, satin, or tulle, some are nestled underneath an overlay of cotton lace to create a more textured appearance. Melissa Sweet’s Hallie style dress features a silk charmeuse strapless gown underneath a sheer French lace overlay. It’s accented by woven ribbon detail over the hem and bodice as well as a sweep inset train.
Swirled Skirt
When you think of the bottom of a wedding dress, you envision long, clean lines of fabric. But a swirled skirt can break up the monotony of an ordinary fabric dress. The Strapless Silk Shantung Mikado Fit to Flare Gown by Platinum is offset beautifully with a skirt that is swirled with organza and tulle.
Ultra-Slim Gown
While slim wedding gowns do not flare outward around the legs, ultra-slim gowns practically cling to the legs. Such is the case with Vineyard’s Tatum style Guipure Lace Slim Gown, which portrays the illusion of pants as the bride walks down the aisle. The dress also comes with slit detail, a large waistband, and a bow at the back.
Scarf Accessory
While this isn’t part of the wedding dress itself, a scarf accessory can have a substantial impact on the entire nuptial ensemble. For instance, a white silk scarf perfectly complements Platinum’s Silk Crepe Georgette Strapless Slim Gown and its scoop neckline. The scarf covers only the front of the neck and the top of one shoulder; it hangs down over the back of the dress and is tied in a bow at the center of the back.
Flounced Halter Neckline
Standard halter wedding dresses are not all that unusual, but a flounced halter leaves no doubt as to whom the center of attention is at the event. This style is displayed in Vineyard’s Elke Organza Fit to Flare Gown. The flounced halter neckline contrasts nicely with the dress’s open back.
On a wedding dress? Really. They’re perfect for a bride who wants to carry something old, new, borrowed, and/or blue down the aisle with her; and also come in handy during the “dollar dance” at the wedding reception. There are hidden pockets in the Silk Double Faced Satin Strapless Ball Gown by Platinum. The dress also features a large front skirt appliqué, elaborate beading, and a silk satin belt.
So if you’re the type of woman who has flipped through hundreds of bridal magazine pages without finding the dress of your dreams, these ideas may be appealing to your unique tastes.
After all – you were your own woman long before you met your mate. And even though you’re looking forward to having a partner for life, you still want to be identified by the traits and attributes which you worked long and hard to create and nourish – and not just as Mrs. So-and-So.
An unconventional wedding dress is the first step toward reminding those in your life that you won’t remodel your personality and lifestyle just because you’re wearing a wedding ring. And when your guests see your extraordinary wedding dress, they’ll get the message loud and clear.


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