Wedding Dress the Best Gift for My Mom


It is going to be the 30th wedding anniversary of mom and dad next Friday. How time flies. Jane(my younger sister)and I have already grown up from naught girls into fair ladies, at least our neighbors call us like that. Look at my mom and dad, the life has already made them old and sick. I really should do something for them and I want to make them very happy on their 30th anniversary. But what should I do?
Mom has always been complaining that when she gets married with dad, she didn¡¯t have the chance to wear wedding dress. At their ages, nearly seldom people can afford to wear the wedding gowns or even rent one. She often says that women are the most beautiful when they wear the bridal dresses among their whole life. So I got a great idea, why don¡¯t I buy a wedding dress for mom?
Thinking of this, I start to search the places where I can get great wedding dresses on internet immediately. There are so many shops and internet shops. How can I choose the best one? Finally I focus on my attention on several websites, that is, , and which is very famous.
But after some comparisons, I find that in the eBay, there are although about $200 wedding dresses, but they belong to different shops, and the quality is not the same, it is hard to choose. So I move to which specializes on wedding dresses and other accessories related to wedding things and the prices seem like a little expensive than, and I find that milanoo offers a global free shipping as soon as my order is over $30. That is really great. And the most important thing is the wedding dress I want to buy for mom is much cheaper in milanoo.
When I talk to the workers from milanoo, they are really nice and help find the right wedding dresses. Maybe I should also buy a wedding dress from here when I get married.
I can¡¯t imagine how happy mom is going to be when she sees her wedding dress and I bet she is definitely going to cry like a baby, just like I cried when I was a little girl. I will also take mom and dad to the photo gallery where they can have many pictures for their 30th anniversary with mom¡¯s beautiful wedding dress. Maybe this time, I can make up what they didn¡¯t have when they got married.


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