Simple Wedding Dress


When Princess Kate’s gown was revealed, the world was shocked to see it was such a simple wedding dress. Where were the large sleeves, balloon shoulders and layers of skirt so memorable on her groom’s mother at her royal wedding? Yet, the beautiful princess managed to start another trend and the demand is up for understated elegance.
She proved a simple wedding dress can still be quite amazing. It shows off the bride rather than the gown. It’s comfortable and fluid yet richly luxurious. There are a number of different styles that look good this way.
The traditional Aline style can be a great option. It’s still beautiful and there are lots of options for different levels of trim and detail so that the dress can range from very basic to as dressed up as the bride would want.
Necklines vary on the Aline style, as well, offering scooped, sweetheart, and V-neck styles. The neckline offsets the bride’s face and upper body and there’s a different style to suit any body type.
The very simple skirt without lots of layers helps make a bride look longer and taller. It’s a very slimming look. The Aline style again offer different lengths and layered skirt options.
Simple wedding dresses are often sought out for tropical weddings and beach venues. No bride wants to drag a train of fabric through the sand as the sand will end up everywhere and weigh her down.
Instead, tea length gowns with soft, single layer skirts are ideal. They’ll move better in a gentle wind and are very lightweight.
There are a lot of collections that are showing very sleek, short length wedding gowns. The dresses are trimmed not in extra fabric and layers but instead with beading and attractive seam work. These are very simple but are quite visually appealing and fashionable.
These gowns come in other colors, too, including black, beige, pale yellow, and pale pinks. Just a hint of color escalates the playfulness of a dress without making it look heavy and outdated.
There are many reasons women would choose a simple wedding dress. Those who are arranging their second wedding, a renewal of vows, or are older and want something more appropriate for their age want something elegant but not like a fairy tale dress.
There are lots of options for a simple wedding dress these days. Trim, silhouette, and color choices are available and styles exist to flatter any body type.
Luxeblue offers a wide selection of wedding dress styles and silhouettes in a variety of fabrics and trim detail including great choices for a simple wedding dress options for any bride.


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