Bridal Trends 2011


So, you’re going to be a bride this year and you’ve begun planning your fairytale wedding. The most important part of the wedding, for you is well, you. Sure the bridesmaids dresses have to match with the flowers and the color scheme of the wedding, but you, the bride have to look your absolute best. And to do so, you need to be in touch with the new bridal trends 2011 mentioned in this Buzzle article. They’ll help you with what’s hot this year as regards to wedding dresses, hairstyles, jewelry and makeup. Here’s the lowdown you don’t want to miss.
Bridal Dresses
Let’s begin the scoop on 2011 bridal trends with the most important of all, the wedding dress. What kind of bridal gowns are in vogue this year? Let’s see. The most popular style that more and more brides and designers are opting for this year, is a modern wedding dress pattern. Now by modern bridal dresses, we mean something that has come to the forefront in the recent past. So, backless wedding dresses and corset wedding dresses are the forerunners this year. Plain, elegant and simple are the keywords that wedding gowns will be focusing on this year. That, along with some fascinating embroidery and detailing. Crystals, pearls and sequins are the current favorite. As far as fabrics are concerned, it’s net and lace that are going to be leading the bridal gown brigade this year. Necklines, as usual, are going to be the ones that complement the bride the most, even for winter wedding dresses and the fall is going to be straight and with a short train. So, there you have it, delicate crystal detailing, strapless and backless bridal gowns made from lace and net are what you need to look for, for your 2011 wedding!
You can also check out some other types of bridal dresses that you might want to try out.


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