How to Choose Wedding Apparel in Free Shipping


Wedding planning can be hard word, but it can be fun if the choosing the wedding dress is involved. Most of the brides will spend half a month to decide the style and choosing the wedding dress for all of them want to be the most beautiful one and save money. But there is a problem is they know they could save lots of money if they buying wedding dress on line, but which wedding dress on line store is the best, how to choose a wholesale wedding dress in a free shipping on line store still a question.
Search on the internet we find that there are some on line stores are still doing their promotion and free shipping. Like They used to be one of the wholesale wedding dress stores but now they offer permanent free standard shipping to all over the world. You can get the free shipping over 30$. Enjoy free shipping with your friends.
Here are some advices for you to choose a cheap wedding dress and save money.
1. Don’t let the dress break your bank: The bride is the centerpiece, not the dress. Determine your wedding budget and allocate only a fraction of it to your dress.
2. Don’t disrespect the salesperson: You’ll get better customer service if you are upfront with your sales associate about your budget, rather than wasting time trying on dresses you can’t possibly afford and dresses that don’t fit your size or body type. Making an appointment will go a long way to getting focused attention – and try to shop during the week: Saturdays are busy days for bridal shops, and attention is in short supply.
3. Don’t bring your ego: Don’t be offended if the salesperson makes you try on a size 12 when you are actually a size 4. Bridal gowns tend to run small and almost always need tailoring.
4. Don’t skip your research: You’ve read the magazines, you’ve watched the shows. Now call around and shop online to see what’s available. If you’re treated rudely on the phone, don’t expect better treatment in person. Determine store policies regarding bankruptcy, fire, and other potential factors that would force the store to shut down or your gown to be damaged, lost or unavailable. While you may find a good deal on a gown – be cautious of any bridal shop going out of business.
5. Don’t be pressured: Trying on 50 dresses in one long day of shopping will turn you into a “bridezilla.” Set aside an afternoon or two. Give yourself the time to focus. Take notes.
6. Do not pay in full: If your dress needs tailoring, put down the minimum deposit on a credit card and stretch out the rest of the payments until you can take the dress with you. Pay with a credit card, so you can file a claim dispute if necessary.
7. You should know that most of the on line stores have the preparation period. You should start early enough for your wedding dress.
8. Don’t forget about the cost of wedding dress alterations: Most wedding dresses need to be altered, and that can add a lot to the cost of your dress. Be sure your seamstress is qualified and experienced, or the gown you bought may look drastically different once altered.


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